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22201 Ventura Blvd

Suites 102 & 103

Woodland Hills, CA 91364


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Discover our unique leasing opportunities to grow your business and inspire your most creative work.

Which do you prefer?

Do you thrive in an open floor barbershop and salon where there's lots of activity, creativity and interaction going on?

Or do you prefer the intimacy of a private studio where its just you and your client without the distractions?

At THE EXECUTIVE, we offer both leasing options.

It's your business. You should be able to choose the enviornment that works best for you and your clientele.

In our Barbershop and Salon, you will enjoy

an open floor layout with chairs for 10 professionals

a fully stocked backbar with color available

a pool table plus beer, wine, coffee, and soda for your clients to enjoy

This might be the best leasing option for you if:

  • you enjoy the camaraderie of other stylists

  • you prefer activity, interaction and lots of open space

  • you’re inspired by watching others perform their techniques

  • you appreciate the freedom of being responsible only for your station

In our Studio Suites, you will enjoy

the intimacy of a private room without distractions

a fully customizable studio to match your brand and style

a locking door to keep your room  secure

This might be the best leasing option for you if:

  • you prefer a quiet and more intimate setting with your clients 

  • you already have a solid client base 

  • you want the option to share your studio with another professional 

  • you want to design your space to reflect your own style


"This place has everything - drinks, flat screen TVs, a pool table... total man cave vibes going on in here. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a good place to go. Reasonably priced, too!"

Joh M. 

"The Executive is always a place I can count on for great service. Everyone there is super friendly and always on point! This place has a super chill vibe where you can play some pool, get served a drink, watch some tv, and get your hair done by some seriously talented people. No matter who you go to, you will not be disappointed. If you guys need a fade or a shave, they got you. Ladies, need some color or a new style? No problem! There is someone there for all your needs and I can confidently say you'll leave there feeling amazing. Don't believe me? Give them a try! Did I forget to mention the free valet service? Seriously a plus."

Kelly H.

What Makes The Executive So Unique?

  • You're an independent contractor whether you're leasing a Chair in the Barbershop and Salon or you're leasing a Studio in the Studio Suites

  • You keep all the profits you generate

  • You make your own schedule and book your own appointments

  • You can sell the retail products of your choice

Which Leasing Opportunity Is Best For You?

Let's say you sign a lease for a Chair in the Barbershop and Salon but after a few months you realize you'd rather be in a Studio.


If there's a Studio available, we can modify your lease and allow you to move into your Studio without incurring a lease termination penalty.

The same benefit applies if you're in a Studio and wish to move to a Chair in the Barbershop and Salon. If a Chair is available, we can modify your lease without incurring a lease termination penalty.

No surprises. No hidden fees.  Simple...the way leasing should be!

Get the most out of your business.

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22201 Ventura Blvd

Suites 102 & 103

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

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